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AHED 8p. HADE Person in all senses.

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OHED 8p. ODAH 8p. HOED 8p. HEAD the upper part of the human body or the front part of the body in animals 6p. EDDO edible starchy tuberous root of taro plants 6p.

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DEAD people who are no longer living 6p. EGAD 6p. DAGO ethnic slur offensive term for a person of Italian descent 6p. DADO panel forming the lower part of an interior wall when it is finished differently from the rest of the wall 6p. GAED 6p. AGED people who are old collectively 6p.

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GOAD a pointed instrument that is used to prod into a state of motion 5p. ODEA Plural of odeum. Points Word Definition 7p.

HOG a person regarded as greedy and pig-like 7p. DAH the longer of the two telegraphic signals used in Morse code 7p. HOD an open box attached to a long pole handle 7p. EDH 7p. HAG an ugly evil-looking old woman 7p. HAD have or possess, either in a concrete or an abstract sense 6p.

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HOE a tool with a flat blade attached at right angles to a long handle 6p. HAO 6p. HAE 5p. Ganpati Background. Ganpati Vector Background. Happy Dussehra Label Set. Happy Maha Shivaratri or Night of Shiva festival holiday with flower. Traditional event theme. Hindi Translation : Maha Shivaratri. Happy Maha Shivaratri or Night of Shiva festival holiday with trident and flowers. Happy Janmashtami, indian festival dahi handi celebration greeting card.

Ganesh Template Illustration. India Icons Collection. Ganesh logos. Dancing Ganesha Icon. Ganesha With Ornate Mandala. Decorative Ganesha Illustration. Ganpati background vector. Rangoli Pattern Vector. Barong Mask. Kokopelli Vector. India Icon Vector. India and Hinduism Icon Vector. Onam Illustration. Vector Happy Onam Flowers Card. India Icons Vector. Vector Goddess Durga Illustration.

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Durga Silhouette Vector. It appears there are no comments on this clue yet. Would you like to be the first one? Hey Guest , do you have anything you'd like to discuss about Egypt's canine-head god?

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  7. Nora Roberts book Actress who, in , played a high school outcast in "The Breakfast Club" and an aspiring architect in "St. Elmo's Fire": 2 wds. Only musical to win Best Picture since "Oliver! Comments Forums Yes. I hated it and you really made my friend Gadl Short story makes one u Grass fed cattle are raised on grass NOT corn.

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    Large decorative letter at the start of a chapter. Reconciled, as a couple. Competitors in a classic advertising "war". Ab-targeting exercise equipment.