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We do a vape pen review every year where we rate and test and rank them and that has been hugely popular across our web properties and Instagram. As legalization came to Colorado, the Denver Post launched The Cannabist, a website devoted to covering the growing pot industry.

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  3. Green Man Makes The High Times List of Best Dispensaries in America – Green Man Cannabis.

Have any other competitors popped up? How do you distinguish yourself from them? Those are three of the newer brands in this space.

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We have invested heavily in events where you can actually experience and meet other people in the space, called Cannabis Cups [where participants compete to grow the best weed]. We have built a digital team, and a newsletter, and an Instagram and a Facebook following.

And we have maintained a battery of journalists that focus specifically around the growing of the plant, which I think is really at the core of our editorial. As a cannabis-based magazine, we have been almost the only game in town. So, we have over 80 pages of advertising in our magazine, on average. Why are we so blessed? I would also add that I think — and this is my own personal view — a lot of the people that buy the magazine buy it because they can also see the advertisements, which they would not see elsewhere.

No kidding. Our events range from 10, people to 50, people coming to them on average. I imagine these events are popular because there are so many people using cannabis in isolation. We create a safe environment for what I would consider to be like-minded individuals.

'High Times' ready to roll with public offering

Has the magazine retained its countercultural identity as marijuana has gone mainstream? But their siblings and their heirs are around. When you talk to them, they say that when the founders created this magazine, they never imagined a day when it would actually be legal. Approximately Shares in High Times. Our limited edition High Times poster, shirt and jacket will help you rock your investment, and represents your involvement with our early investor community. The limited edition Cannabis Cup trophy is designed by the famous Alex Gray for our special early investor community.


Now is your chance to take part in the Cannabis Cup legacy with High Times. Adam is the founder and Managing Director at Oreva Capital. He has deep expertise in the fields of mobile, social networking, entertainment and venture capital. David is a corporate finance executive and CPA offering over 20 years of experience building, leading, and advising corporations and start-ups through complex transactions, operational set-up, restruc She manages and produces High Times events from top to bottom around the country.

Sameen has previous Since October , Mr. Conway has been a managing director of Oreva Capital Corp. Eleanora Kennedy has been on the board of High Times for the past four decades and has been a consultant to the company for just as long. Additionally, she is a published writer and accomplished inter Login Sign Up to Invest. Get Started. In the press. Invest Now. Overview What we do. Founded in Revenue Sources Media. Expanding Legalization of Cannabis. Market Growth. Market Capitalization. Legalization Support. Legal States. Join Our Community of Investors Today!

Operations How We Generate Revenue. Digital Publishing HighTimes. Green Rush Daily High Times recently reached an exclusive agreement to manage all online advertising sales for Green Rush Daily, an online publication providing daily news and information relating to cannabis, including guides, strain and product reviews, and health news.

Dope Magazine High Times recently brought Dope Magazine into the family, with a strong presence in the cannabis industry through print, digital media, and events. Growth High Times Moving Forward. Perks What's in it for me? Burroughs and Charles Bukowski.

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So, when states began softening their stances toward pot over the last decade and growers began moving out of their closets, the magazine was ready to capture the increased attention. The growth in audience has been accompanied by an uptick in advertising, he said, with monthly editions regularly featuring as many as 80 pages of advertising. The magazine has increased its headcount to keep pace with the growing demand, adding salespeople, a video unit, a business editor and a social media coordinator. High Times did just that this week. The news coincides with the hiring of Vice journalist David Bienenstock as head of content and the pending launch of a new, mobile-friendly website. The back-and-forth has been edited and condensed for clarity. We have to be where the business is. For the first time ever, we have a salesperson in Denver, we have a salesperson in Northern California, we have three people in Southern California.

2015 Nor-Cal Medical Cannabis Cup Highlights

These businesses like to have a relationship-based personal touch. Yes, very. A lot of the people that have been in this business, historically, have been in illegal doings, and now they have converted into legal. That has changed the complexion of the business quite a bit. With the legalization movement budding all over the country, how are you covering the story? The states that have allowed for that adult consumption have been booming.

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  • Green Man Makes The High Times List of Best Dispensaries in America – Green Man Cannabis.
  • So, have you seen an increase in audience to go along with the increase in marijuana use? We have. And we also see a seasonal factor, too. Our web properties — and we have three — one of them is HighTimes.