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I started with the Pluto Foundation Project, so a lot of what I was doing initally was environmental monitoring work regarding corals and water quality. Then over the years my roles evolved into different positions from environmental approvals to workforce engagement and large scale developments.

It was pretty easy, although you do have to get used to 9 to 5! You have to learn email and office etiquette. Woodside helps a lot with the transition though.

We have a lot of introductory courses. It was certainly a different lifestyle, though. I went from diving on reefs and field work to a primarily office-based environment. When I started I did a lot of data analysis on information which was collected from the field. At the time we were looking at turbidity impacts on coral, which was very applicable to my degree.

I completed my honours studying turtles and global warming. Woodside has been good because we have a heavy focus on conducting robust science, often in collaboration with research institutions and with regulators. This allows me an opportunity to still be involved in research within my current role.

A lot of my role now is writing environmental approvals and engaging with regulators, both around approvals and compliance. Interfacing with the workforce is a big one for us. Tegan loves working on site with teams to improve their environmental performance.


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I love what I do. I enjoy going on site and speaking with the teams. I get an absolute kick out of talking to people on site or who are otherwise involved with projects and getting them motivated about the importance of environmental issues. I find myself talking generally about the environment.

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I have to be well prepped on most topics, to be honest. You can get questions on anything from climate change, to marine pests, to whale migration. And there is such a big drive within organisations, including our own, around reducing emissions. This article is sponsored by Bright-r. Science and technology is as much a part of our cultural fabric as art, music, theatre and literature.

They play a significant role in our daily lives, yet, in a world dependent on science, we often take them for granted. Sign up for latest news. Home How Tegan became a marine biologist for a gas company. How Tegan became a marine biologist for a gas company. Share to. Working as an environmental scientist for a natural gas company can provide unique challenges and opportunities. Follow us. Published By. Email Us. Bringing Japan's breakthrough cancer technology to Australia. Columbia: NASA blew it. The unexpected beauty of how bubbles freeze.

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